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Collision at Stratford

Little Glemham

Stratford St. Andrew

This is the site of the four villages bypass group, formed to campaign for a bypass for the villages of Marlesford, Little Glemham, Stratford St. Andrew, and Farnham, Suffolk.

The A12 is an important strategic route from East London to Great Yarmouth. North of Ipswich it serves the towns of Woodbridge, Saxmundham, Framlingham and Leiston, the port of Lowestoft and the holiday destinations of Aldeburgh and Southwold.
The project has now been named "Suffolk Energy Gateway" to reflect the istrategic importance of this stretch of road to the Sizewell 'C' project and the port of Lowestoft, serving the North Sea Energy industry.

Where it passes through the four villages, it is a winding single carriageway, substantially unchanged since the 1920s and the lack of an alternative route means severe disruption to the surrounding villages when it is closed due to accidents, breakdowns or roadworks.

In 1995 a public enquiry found that, in the words of the Inspector, "The case for a bypass is incontrovertible" and approval was given for its construction. However, the project was cancelled a year later for financial reasons.
Since then, traffic levels have increased and the proposed construction of the Sizewell 'C' nuclear power station will exacerbate the existing congestion, noise, vibration and air quality problems. The Group believes that the only solution is to re-instate the 1995 dual carriageway by-pass.

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