Little Glemham

Stratford St. Andrew

This page contains communications from our Members of Parliament.
Dr Dan Poulter represents North Ipswich and Central Suffolk, including Marlesford and Little Glemham. He recently sent a survey to all households in the affected area. Below is his summary of the results.

"311 people replied to the survey which represents well over a third of residents who were
asked their views. In my experience, it is unusual to receive a response of greater than 10
and this extremely high response rate indicates the strength of feeling about these important issues.
Whilst surveys can sometimes open up more questions than they answer, I do not believe that to be the case here and some clear conclusions can be drawn:

1) EDF have a duty to consult much more effectively with residents, given that almost 50 of respondents felt that EDF had failed to properly consult them to date.

2) There is an overwhelming majority in favour of a 4 villages bypass (85) and very strong support for a dual carriageway bypass (70).

3) There was uniform agreement that the level of traffic on the A12 significantly increases in the summer period, which may call into question some of the traffic modelling previously performed by EDF.

4) Over two thirds of respondents did not support a park and ride facility in Lower
Hacheston. Of the 97 respondents who were undecided or who did support a park
and ride, a number supported the principle of a park and ride facility but suggested
that closer to Ipswich would be a more appropriate location for a park and ride.

As you are aware, it is Suffolk County Council who are leading the negotiations with EDF about the proposed infrastructure improvements related to the construction of Sizewell C. In order to represent the concerns raised by the community in this survey, I shall make it clear to Suffolk County Council the need for a fully dualled four villages bypass as an essential part of the construction of Sizewell C. I shall also point out to Suffolk County Council the inadequacy of the traffic survey that has previously been carried out in May 2011, and the need for a more comprehensive survey that properly captures the increased traffic related to tourism in the summer months. Finally, I shall make it clear to both EDF
and to Suffolk County Council that the efforts made by EDF to engage with and consult the community have been inadequate and must improve.

As your local MP I will always act in the best interests of the residents that I represent and I shall work to hold both EDF and Suffolk County Council to account for delivering a fair deal for our communities. EDF must pay their fair share towards improving Suffolk's infrastructure as a result of the construction of Sizewell C."